Safety Culture

Safety comes first, then quality, and integrity. Our top notch safety department sets the highest standards in our industry. TRK Enterprise strives for success through safety by working hand in hand with every person employed in TRK and every operator, client and other service providers. As a whole TRK performs Bi-monthly safety meetings with all employees to cover concerns and or change of policies and procedures. Using extensive training on Behavior Based Safety and HAZCOM with Journey Management our employees learn to be proactive about possible near misses or safety infractions.

New Hire Orientation

Instilling safety and its importance before our employees first day as a valued part of our TRK family. This is achieved by first providing New Hire Orientation Program. Our employees complete a training course, which includes but not limited to, Onshore Safeland, any operator exclusive orientations, first aid training, Oilfield basics, introductions to casing industry, and the SSE Program.

Short Service Employees

The new hired employee is introduced into our six month Short Service Employee Program. Our strict SSE Program is derived from not only our safety department but also our field and operations management teams to ensure the highest level of compliance in actual working scenarios. Some key points of the program are that there will only be one SSE per location or project, supervisor and or mentors accompaniment during all tasks and multiple evaluations.

Observation Program

Here at TRK we believe highly in the safety pyramid. The more observations the lower our first aides, incidents and recordable rates are. With this in mind we have derived an Observation Program. This program is made up of a reporting system for the employees in the field to document and communicate observations and near misses in the field. All of the documentation is captured into a table where we can collect the data and calculate the analytics. This will then inform us of trends, that way we can develop new procedures and focus on specific training to prevent future incidents.