To create a culture of operational excellence by:

  • Consistent efforts to provide an accident free workplace.
  • Lead our service industry in continually new and innovative procedures and tools.
  • Continuing to train our SSE employees beyond certifications.
  • Sustaining a workplace free of safety and OSHA hazards.
  • Ultimately improving our task efficiency and completion time on all levels.


  • Internal Short Service Employee (SSE) orientation and training required during the first six months of employment, regardless of experience.
  • SafeLand USA Training and Certification.
  • First Aid with CPR and H2S Certification.
  • Personal H2S Monitors
  • PPE includes – FRC Coveralls, Eye Protection, Hard Hat, High Impact Gloves furnished and steel toed boots required to be furnished by Employee.
  • Monthly Driver Bonuses for safe driving, equipment care, and proper loading.
  • Casing Crew Bonuses for safe and incident free team performance.
  • Weekly Safety Meetings.
  • Observations, Near Misses, and Stop Work programs with written report follow through.
  • Dedicated Shop, Tool, Parts, Consumables, Rolling Stock, CRF, Safety, Administrative and Training areas in Greeley.
  • Behavior Based Safety.
  • Hand Placement.
  • Journey Management
  • Training specific to specialized skill sets like GPS, Volant, Eckels, Contech, Torque Turn, Laydown Machine, Digitally, Etc..
  • Field Supervisor on each job.

TRK Casing, LLC (TRK) has been in the casing service business for 35 years, but in the last year we have rebuilt our Top Management, Business Units, Crews and are leaders in new cutting edge tools and technology. We have set the bar much higher than before and we are dedicated and inspired to be the leader not a follower in innovation and safety. Our goals are shaped and focused by our client’s policies, expectations and goals in performance, safety and professionalism.

“To be the very best at what we do.”